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SBMS qPCR Test Machines

Compact and Reliable qPCR Test Machines.

MEDsan's SBMS qPCR Machines run 24, 96 or up to 384 Tests at the same time.

Compact & Powerful

The compact High-performance real-time qPCR device ultraSBMS24 is optimally suited for applications where minimal space and fast time-to-result are required.

Easy Testing & Handling

High Resolution 7" Touchscreen allows for operating the machine without the need for a PC. The internal storage allows for saving of hundreds of protocols.

Connectivity via Wifi, Bluetooth available with support for mouse, printer, keyboard and more scanner.

  • Safe handling, no need for a safety cabinet *
  • No RNA extraction step is required *
  • Additional detection options (HPV, monkeypox, influenza)
  • Robust Casing
  • Less than 30 minutes separate you from the result
  • 40 cycles in 42 min for SARS-CoV-2 analysis
  • User friendly HD Touchscreen that allows for analysis and evaluation of curves directly from the large screen of the device
  • Simple color coding: red = positive sample, green = negative sample
  • Results can also be exported in an Excel file via USB including Ct-Values, Analytical Curves & Measurement data for each sample
  • Storage capacity for hundreds of protocols

* when using the MEDsan® transfer set for SARS-CoV-2

24, 96 & 384 Wells

With 4 Channel Fluorescence Optical System:
  • FAM
  • HEX
  • ROX
  • CY5

Looking for PoC qPCR Test Machines?

Point of Care (PoC) qPCR Test Machines that allow you to drop a sample with cartridge in & the Machine does the rest.

Manual operation time is ≤2 min.