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PoC qPCR Test Machines

Cartridge in - Result out!

MEDsas's Point of Care (PoC) Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction and PCR System allow for easy and convenient drop-in of up to 4 pre-sample-equipped cartridges.

Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction and qPCR System

Three models of the automated nucleic acid extraction and PCR system are available: 1, 2 or 4 samples can be handled at the same time.

Various models can be freely combined, and up to 16 samples can be extracted and tested at the same time.

Cartridge In - Results Out!

The cartridge consists of four parts: base, reaction chamber, PCR reaction area and top cover. The function relies on the rotation of the bottom piston valve to achieve the liquid transfer between different chambers.

First, add samples and magnetic beads in the sample chamber to perform the lysis and binding steps of the nucleic acid extraction. Then, the nucleic acid is washed and purified three times in the washing chambers and eluted into the elution chamber.

Finally, the reagents are mixed in the PCR reaction area to perform the PCR amplification reaction.

Fast on-site Detection

The 10.5" HD Touchscreen equipped with an intuitive interface and stable operation software makes this small and flexible device an ideal choice for on-site fast detection.

Includes 4 fluorescence detection channels, which can achieve multiple detection projects of one sample at the same time.

A strict self-checking mechanism ensures the accuracy of the results. In addition, the instrument has an innovative quantitative detection function that allows the user to freely select the output of qualitative or quantitative results as required

How It Works

Areas of Application

Small, Portable & Expandable

Flexible Throughput thanks to expandable number of instruments depending on your needs with up to 16 Machines.

These operate independently without influencing each other.


  • Closed Detection System

    Separate disposable cartridges, each sample is evaluated
    in an independent cartridge. This prevents contamination
    between samples and from aerosol leakage.

  • Automated Detection

    By using freeze-drying technology, the reagents are pre-prepared directly in the cartridge.

    Manual addition of the reagents is no longer necessary, besides the samples and magnetic beads. The manual operation time is ≤ 2 min

  • Multi-Channel Detection

    Multiple channels can be detected at the same time. 4 Detection Channels are available for each sample.

    The excitation-emission wavelengths are 470-510 nm, 530-565 nm, 585-620 nm and 630-665 nm, respectively.

  • Intuitive & Open Software

    Visualized interface and user authorization management.

    The administrator has the highest authority.

    Adopting an open software design, which can be adapted to all kinds of magnetic bead extraction and detection kits on the market.

  • Multiple Detection Types

    Depending on customer requirements, three PCR types are available: qualitative, quantitative and SNP.

    The quantitative results are directly determined by the number of nucleic acid
    copies according to the standard curve, in order to obtain an accurate evaluation of the samples.