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MEDsan is a High Complex Laboratory specializing in PCR, DNA, NGS, Capillary Blood, Dry Blood Spot, and Tissue Testing.

We beleive that a close cooperation together with Practitioners is the key to helping Patients achieve their best health.

See how MEDsan can support you in providing the best healthcare solution to your Patients.

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  • Doctors

    MEDsan can provide you with unique products, tests, services, medical equipment, as well as the necessary support for a successful cooperation.

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  • Dentists & Orthodontists

    Determine the risk of your patients developing Periodontitis, Periimplantitis, Caries, Genetic Disposition, Mutations in IL-1, and more within the next 2 years.

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  • Chiropractors

    Knowledge is everything.

    See how MEDsan can support you in helping your patients.

    MEDsan offers a wide range of diagnostic services, and there are several more that you could use in your practice.

  • Homeopathic-, Naturopatic- & Holistic Doctors

    We at MEDsan believe that there is also a way to support the body with a variety of natural substances.

    We have advanced homeopathic products that will increase the success rate and reduce the treatment time.

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