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sanPharmacy Produts aim to provide lasting relief for symptoms ranging from the flu, to inflammation and pain.

Homeopathy: Almost all sanPharmacy Products are Homepathic.

Vegan: Almost all sanPharma Products are vegan.

What makes us different

  • Manufactured to the highest purity standards

  • Transparancy

    List of all Ingredients available for each product

  • Homeopathic & Vegan

    Many of our Products are homeopathic and vegan.

  • High Patient Satisfaction

    Thanks to different dosage forms

Our nutritional supplements are specially developed to meet the needs of the entire family. No matter the age, with us you will find high-quality products that support your health and well-being.

Trust in our many years of experience and let the quality of our products convince you. Invest in your health and that of your family.

Quantum Dot Technology

A fundamental problem of phytotherapy is making the plant's active ingredients available to the body. This is often only inadequately possible using classic methods such as extraction.

Quantum Dot Technology is a biophysical process to enhance the effects of natural ingredients. The latest quantum physical principles are combined with traditional phytotherapeutic approaches.

The basis here is the quantum dot, consisting of a crystal and a semiconductor. Many natural ingredients are semiconductors, which is why they can be used in a quantum dot in a significantly smaller amount of active ingredient and at the same time achieve a better effect. In addition, some of our active ingredients are in colloidal form, which means they can be absorbed particularly well by the body and have higher bioavailability. We have combined the knowledge of the power of nature with the latest technology to offer highly efficient nutritional supplements.


Empty Bottle Guarantee

If you aren't fully convinced that our products are better than the ones you tried before, just send us the empty bottle back and we refund your purchase*

*Empty Bottle Guarantee

The Empty Bottle Guarantee requires the empty bottle to be shipped back in its original packaging.

Please contact us prior to sending any products to us. Unauthorized shipments and returns cannot be processed.