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  • Sports Analysis Test

    Your individual genetic makeup. Determined!

    Our team of experts uses the latest findings in human genetics to extract important information about your genes from a simple saliva sample. We analyze these for so-called SNP's (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) to determine your individual genetic makeup. Based on these results, we can create a customized training program for you that is optimally matched to your genetic prerequisites.

    Achieve athletic goals!

    Our approach not only allows you to reach your full athletic potential, but also minimizes the risk of injury. With the help of our state-of-the-art technologies, you can achieve athletic goals.

    ACTN3 alpha

    ACTN3: α-actinin-3 is an important component of muscle fibers, about 20% of the population have a mutation of this gene (rs1815739) which leads to an improved heat regulation by generating heat less by trembling but more by muscle tone, at the same time the presence of this mutation is a reason why someone is more suitable for endurance sports like marathons while carriers of the non-mutated form are more likely to achieve peak performance in impulsive sports like sprinting. 


    VEGF: VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) is a critical growth factor for the formation of new functional blood vessels. A mutation (rs2010963) in the promoter of this gene can lead to reduced oxygen utilization depending on the genotype.


    MCT1: MCT1 (Monocarboxylate Transporter 1) encodes a protein responsible for the uptake of lactate by oxidative fibers. The activity of MCT1 has a dual beneficial effect, reducing circulating lactate levels and increasing lactate levels in muscle fibers that can utilize it as fuel. The expression level of MCT1 is increased in elite athletes. Regarding the known polymorphisms, these were found to be associated with aerobic endurance activity as well as the risk of muscle injury. 


    HFE: The HFE (Hereditary Hemochromatosis) gene encodes a transmembrane protein that plays a key role in the absorption of iron. HFE is involved in blood, iron and tissue homeostasis. In athletes, high iron levels below the pathological threshold are likely to enhance performance. This is because some HFE polymorphisms limit the function of HFE, resulting in less iron being absorbed, and thus increased iron and oxygen delivery to cells and in the blood.


    Col5A1: Collagen is the most important component of connective tissue and the extracellular matrix. Of the 13 different types of collagen, collagen V type alpha-1 is predominantly found in tendons and ligaments. Although it accounts for only 2% of the total collagen there, it is of fundamental importance for the stability of collagen fibers. A point mutation of the Col5A1 gene called rs12722 is associated with greatly increased levels of collagen V, making collagen fibers unstable. This makes the affected person more susceptible to tendon and ligament tears.

    NGS Report

    Our NGS report consists of information for sports activities, for professional sports as well as for amateurs. It documents genetic structure, for example, suffering injuries, having a lower heart rate, and your ability to regenerate muscle.

    Your genes determine your athletic profile, your metabolism, and even the overall benefits of exercise for your body. Thanks to the sequencing of your DNA and subsequent analysis, you can optimize your training and find out what types of exercises your body is best suited for and where you should take special care if you want to avoid certain injuries.

    As usual in our reports, on the first pages you will find a summary with symbols for each of the analyzed values, which we explain in more detail on the following pages. At the end of the report you will find the Questions and Answers section. We would like to remind you that you should seek advice from health professionals before making any changes to your diet or health treatments. If you have questions about genetic testing, contact health care professionals who are experts in genetic diagnosis or specialists.

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